wo0t. been MIA for the past week. hahaha..
so here goes my entry for Silent Halloween Party at BBC KL.

So here we are! my 2nd time at Borneo Baruk Club. I like the party this
time coz not so huge as before. therefore more enjoyable.. lol

Got there about 7ish. Met up with Joshua and Andrew for the costume.
Thanx to their brilliant idea- I got a costume to put on. lol
or else, could've gone there as just me. xD

Jabbawockeez Iz us! :P


Other than that was hanging outside with Sue and others...
then oni decided to go in. lol.
Nokia Goodie bag had a kewl pendrive wristband 2GB. hehehhe. :D

Host: Elvis | Robb d Mummy

They had performances by Nokia IAC bands. mostly local Malaysian bands
some were not bad.. and some had unusual names. lol

Alaling and the Kaya koks! hur hur hurr..

Oh vell. hang out again.. had drinks. talk talk. lol
the usual stuff. xD
They had games! HAHAHA. One was balloon something game another
was toilet roll game. I just stand and look. lol..

Nicholas was doing some wrapping

A male Paris Hilton weh! LOL. nails also dem long

Think that's Sherry. Lol | Zoe

Silent Dancing.
Seriously- I dunno wads the whole point. O.o
let's listen to Mamma Mia instead?! lol

eeeep! that dude makeup like omgz0r!

Me. Sue &Lantern and Yen

and Sherry

the bros. Ren and Yen

cg mate- cheez.

with Mr. MIA long time- Kenny Choo. lol

They parading across the road. lol -.-

Overall it was kinda fun. costume kinda hot tho to wear all da time.

Also realized I didnt say hi to alot of ppl. LOL. sue me for that.
saw some familiar faces from last time Sharing session though. xD

Juz had my Year-End MUET exam last Sat. zomg. I dunno wad to say.
least to know it had some standard la. Overall it was ok. hahaha

More later. ttfn

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