It's finally out! :D

Jesse McCartney's latest music video of his second single It's Over -
Worldwide Premiere 18th November 2008 -

Breaking Up Never Sounded so Good. :P

"It's one of my favorite song from the record," says Jesse McCartney about
"It's Over," his hot new single of Departure. The charismatic hit-maker
incorporates ground-breaking special effects and different sexy scenarios to
bring to life his tale of love and loss.

Watch it FULL screen! totally awesome.

Jesse McCartney - It's Over - MySpace Premiere (HQ)

It's Over - MySpace Celebrity Behind the Scenes

And the Behind the Scenes video, in case you're wondering how they
made it so cool. xD &love the effects.

J-Mac roXx

Video credits: MySpace Celebrity | Hollywood Records

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