OH. people I'm back.
I just had exams throughout the past week. now post-exam feelings
are sinking in. which is GUILT.

things like...
I didnt study enough la. I screwed up big time. damn the paper was hard
HLML?? I'm still pissed off with my Accounting lecturer..
If I really do badly. I'd screw her properly for not accepting my quiz marks
*read my Plurk responses for more info.*

Even had insomnia the night before exams. should've gulped down
sleeping pills or something. -.-

Think Accounting was okay; until the scene with the bitch.
Religions was so-so.. I had no idea who was Sikhism and Bahai's God..
MIS was quite ok. all objective. not that easy but think I nailed it.
Marketing was simple. hopefully I nailed it.


therefore I can relax all I want like this cat here. LOL
inspired by Delly.lol

Decided to work during my holidays. bumming during holidays is bad
coz dunno wad to do besides hanging onto the computer.
observing some unemployed ppl like estancus. I can't go around
everyday like they do, more like roving around.lol

Today I went shopping for present. they really chose a wrong type
of shopper to go shopping. It's for a girl. and IT WAS HARD.
I failed to get anything except from Pull and Bear but wasnt for this.

There you go..

I want to watch Twilight! :P
before I start working. lol.

Been doing alot of thinking too. pfft. as if its for Critical Thinking
class. LOL. But I'd keep those to myself first..

Stil trying to find myself.

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