Here I am again.
So i'm losing interest in blogging again.. lol
particularly there isn't much to tell..

been working. as usual. else would be bumming like no ones business
i take it as gaining a new experience. at every different workplace I
learn something new.. in whatever profession or field

something some of you won't understand
if you have never worked before..

to be honest, I dread my new job. either I've not been working or
it's kinda challenging.. sigh..
but i got my own micros card! an achievement ey. :P

and I have bills to pay =/
the account shows a debit balance.. aih

Hui Ting's Bday.

Every year the queen decides to have her fantabulous party.
this year's was at the park! lol.

before she *poofs* to aussie.

The MustardQueen is happy :D

The other attendees | Her sis. Kim. and Ashleigh and many more.

some of my other Sec. school friends. lol.

we spent time in the park jollying around. lol cant recall when did I
ever attended a birthday party in a park. so it was kinda unique..

munching on fruit tarts and sandwiches.. kinda fun..

The ultimatum was the cake!
it cost another atomic bomb too. haha..



and that's about it. xD
oh yeah. also a nice photo of me and yx.


Also just watched Twilight.

and i quite like it.. lol. not because of Edward Cullen or other random
characters. it was interesting la.

perhaps the movie needed more complexity to the plot.. kinda simple
hope i get to read the book soon.. anyone can lend 'em to me? :)
but my rate is 3.5/5. its worth to watch..

Christmas is a week away!
nex update soon la hopefully. lol


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