yeah Christmas is hereeee! (soon.)
it's finally the eve of X'mas. :D

meh. its a boring anyhow for me..
i'm stuck at some dreadful place. it somehow sux
guess I'll have to endure it.. for quite a while; as long as patience
permits.. and hasn't reached its limit.

coz the management has some attitude problem
and it irks me.. hardy har har..

Here's what it's like..
the start of my sucky day

It actually translates:
Hi Shaun! Buono sera to another day in Hell.
Do you wanna clock-in?
(as if I have a choice)

Anyway its where I key-in stuffs with the micros card.
and other daily nonsense that I'd have to keep up with..
and aiming higher sales figures.. (totally pointless, actually)

Bottom line- Every day is another episodic drama!

I met up with Yuni today. heheh..
&got to know Jun has given birth to a cute baby boy. :P

awww... I even got the photo of it. but... forgot to ask what's the
baby's name! -.-

there you go. lol
it needs time to be chubby. hahaha..
I wonder if it will have big eyes like Jun. xD


Merry Christmas to everyone. :)

I hope I'd do 1 more entry before the New Year.
Of Resolutions? Hopes? Achievements? Disappointments?

Can't quite decide which one sounds more interesting.. lol

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