Heh. I'm clueless to know what to write in this entry.




but I know what I'll be doing tomorrow.. which is work.
pfft! and countdown-ing at 1Utama. as usual they're having a concert
thing at the New Wing opp. Central Park.

Work really does test a person's patience.
but I'd see how far that will go...

another dude juz notified resignation today.. he goin to Topshop!
argh. I wanna work there toooo! -.-

Hoho! That's a good one!

I'm beginning to find out something unique working here. lol
started off by the G Club by the fellow hostesses.. more gossip..

and we're so hungry- "Pls allow us to eat you.." :)

I think this year..
I had achieved and gained more than expected.
I met more people & got to know more about 'em that I can call as friends
I eventually became wiser than previous years. lol

I became a better person altogether. :D

and of course,

&have a Promising Year 2009 to come!

Cya next year!

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