ouh. felt a sudden urge to tell everyone's secret. HAHAHAH
hence, i'm blogging! wth yea..

no one seems to have left any prints on the blog while I left it
as it is- all alone... -.-

how do I know if anyone's reading at all? *pauses*
(ignore the fact I do track my readers)
Just a thought, blogging itself isn't enough- I think it's the readers
that stimulates the author to continue what he/she is doing...

oh well.

the restaurant sux. good idea, no question.
about 1/3 of everyone's queer in that restaurant. LOL

yeah. it surprised me at first. pfft. but heck, they're just like anyone you
can find out there. which means normal, if you can't digest that.
I do hang out with them.. having late nights. going all the way to KL
just to makan after closing..

I think it's 'kinda' fun?!
I think it's what keeps me there.
Its gonna be boring than ever too.. once 2 more staff leaves..

Classes starts next week anyway. back to studying and seeing my
machas again.. going for McD on Tuesdays.. hang out. wo0t. fun!
pray that it'll be a great semester ahead. :D


‘The Rise of the Lycans starts Jan 09′

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