apologies ppl! I is long time MIA!

I needed time for a concrete thought in order to do a blog post.
but yeah. it should be random thing.. right? or not.

but I got no pix to blog along with. hence, this will be rather wordy.
why? coz I need to tell alot of stuff, damn juicy. hahahhaha...
life has been kinda interesting and boring lately.

This week's class was good.
Consumer Behaviour was the appetizer.
Entrepreneur & Small Business was expected.
Critical Thinking was the bomb! the best so far.
Photography? Good question, no idea..

Can't wait for next week's :D

Got my MUET results too.. as in checked online..
a Band 5! hahahaha. though I admit; I screwed the Writing
part. could've gotten Band 6 ey?!

About WORK.

[TOP] Khai Sim, mE, Shadiq
[Below] Izah, Jia Huey, Andy and KZ

One of the most awesome times I had evah! LOL.
except everyone had left but KZ, Shadiq and Andy - the full timers
hahha. its complicated... I miss having Sammy around T_T

but each left with no regrets.
next, was my turn! xD
it had to come one way or another...

I should enjoy my last week at work..?
coz I always felt the other servers were kinda boring except Sean
and few others.. hence I enjoy talking to the hostesses! Hehehe

Heheh! me and KS. the hostess

We actually did something so extraordinary.. I felt dem malufied
and having to achieve it. thinking back... was really WTF?!

WE actually did it! :P
the 3 of us
(Bryan, KS and Me) became somewhat "friends"
it had abit to do with stalking, surprising and becoming very thick skin
hahhaha.. thankfully the manly manageress supported our move..
though she's still full of sarcasm-ness that I have to tolerate everyday

but we had a SLICE of New York Cheese Cake!! xD
it was dem nice... but it costs about 15 bux after tax... =.=
(I felt poorly after that cz it was so expensive =/)

Last day is coming soon anyway. and CNY is on its way

Til the next update!
lol. ttfn.

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