yellloo ppl!

I'm so back in KL. so urban. so techie. so much of everything
not that my hometown has nothing. i'm used to city life
wait... Ipoh is a city too.. :P

I spent my time in Ipoh collecting ang pows and eating and playing
my cousin's DS Lite. hahha~ I dont have one la -.-

perhaps the thinking that i'm "out of age" to be playing that..
the elders thought of it as the Gameboy that we use to play Pokemon.
hence, it seems to be kiddy to be playing that at my age..
Just so you know, I was playing Mario! xD

I'm also in the midst of planning my b'day party.
together with yx.
and the rest of my sec. schoolmates attending..

I've also learnt to 'give and take' LOL. which is easier said than done...
from the venue.. to the cakes.. She wants Korean. I'm skeptical but
quite open with it. 1 cake or 2 cakes? hmm...

get the idea? maybe?!

House visiting.. is this Sunday. a troop of 15 of them are coming over.
well I only used to have about 5 ppl coming over.. now? o.O
once a year. so it's okay.. I can keep up.

Am I that emo?
It's like wake-up call when someone asks EH. why so emo?
I have no idea, really. lol. or am I in denial? hmmm...

In case you're wondering. I quitted already. yeah. that Ital.
so i'm jobless. and it's not an issue really... I'm kinda glad I quit
simple: no job satisfaction.

Sean Sr. KhaiSim. ME

ME. Bryanboy. KhaiSim.

and with Thomson. 2nd fr left.

oh well. that's it. bye Italiannies!
if it was meant to be... we'll meet again! :D

the only thing I ever look forward to at work was to stand at the
host/hostess stand and just stare outside.. it's more interesting
than the inside. (but inside is also interesting la- the G Club!)

&I only realized this when it was few weeks before quitting.

My wishlist.

1) A wallet

A good wallet to put my cash, cards and coins.
(yx say don keep coins wor) :)

2) Starbucks coffee voucher.
I enjoy Starbucks! heheh. so get me this ok!

3) Cash

I suggest you give me this!
So I can go shopping with cash in-hand.
in dire need for a wardrobe update

4) A backpack/messenger bag

I need a newer one. lol
the other is almost worn out

5) Your suggestion for a wishlist!

Okla. suggest to me what you can afford la
then we'll see... :P

Also.. Don't give me. TShirts(yes, you Henry) Stationery. Books. Clothes.
accessories i don't need. pen drive. ornament. funny stuffs. weird stuff.
creepy stuff... check with me if in doubt.

what to do tmr? aih..

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