oh hello everyone.
sudden spasm to write an entry. lol

I'm cutting class for the first time of the semester! zomg.
yeaa.. i'm a bad bad boy. [every 3 absenteeism, we get a letter]

Used to be that good boy. straight attendance. no ponteng or
whatever... those were the ol' days.
but I still remember ponteng MIS class go makan at Pyramid. lol

I had a good reason tho. heading to Taipan for HR Software training.
oh yea- I got another job if you didn't know. lol.. My scope is rather
unusual. I'm now handling people, in general. LOL!
I do their payroll and others...

I'm a newbie la!

Suddenly I'm starting to recruit too. but stil under supervision :P

Thank you! Khai Sim and YeeKit
the first 2 well wishers since it's my B'dayy this Saturday
oh well. nothing planned- probably adopt Darren Tan's drinking
habit at a club alone just like his own birthday. lol
remember! I'm forever 18

finally the All In One Party- 2 b'days 2 farewells 1 semi farewell
is set this Sunday! :D

gotten your presents ready? xD

Even had a Pre-B'day late lunch at Sakae Sushi with Reubs
and SiewPeng after class at Subang Parade. it wuz fun! :P


I have to search an idea for Creative & Critical Thinking Workshop..
happen to be doing Creative under infamous Celestine Tan that
'volunteered' himself as leader.
[hahah. omg the thought of it was so funny.]

oh well..
He assigned us tasks. due Saturday! I hope I can do it all tmr. =/

thats about it.

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