oh yeahh. I'm back to cont. blogging.
sometimes I hate myself for not planning/scheduling my time
properly. things get kinda disorganized and yea- crap!

Another is problems. Life is full of problems as if I never solve
enough of 'em myself. My life is turning into problem solving arena
where I get sucked into it. =.=

Currently I have a handful of concerns which is pretty disturbing
but it isn't worth it. coz to think of it,
I get mad. hence emo is the way
hope it explains the emo-ness.

My Birthday Party!

Oh some of you should know I celebrated my b'day last week
at Tony Roma's - The Curve.

and surprisingly it's bad luck to be celebrating it a day AFTER
your actual birthday. hoehoehoe...^^

Lilyn. Ka Huey and ME! :D

Henry. Meng Yean and me. (:

The rest of 'em

2Farewells | 2Birthdays

All in all- it was a great birthday party! and farewell too...
Hui Ting, Sally and Ka Huey jetted off on the G5 already =/

Thank you so much for the presents kawan-kawans..
I had what I wanted (times 2) from so many of 'em
and very unique present too this year. hahahaha.. *ahem* xD
and a nice cake from Ka Huey and Nanzi (:

The b'day greetings too I got from FB Wall posts and SMSes. lol
and 1 on my blog- thx Jnb! :D

Valentines is nothing much too. went out. came back. discussion
and mamak! Hanging out with Fred be4 he left for Miri... then NZ

I went for Premiere Screenings of Underworld 3 and Punisher fr the
past week. It was alright except the cinema seating. =.= it was that bad..
think I'm not gonna put an entry for Dragonball screening

&I got quiz, project discussion and photography trip(again) nex week
this week- got me sunburnt at Pulau Ketam. -.- and the painfully
long winding trip

that's all.

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