Alrighty~ problems almost solved.
trust me I would've been exhausted

Critical Thinking is tomorrow. and means workshop details are due.
thinking of ideas and games to make the workshop a successful one

yet, certain quarters try to sabo the Creative team with remarks
so shallow he deserves to be in a trashcan.. I mean why not come up
with some ideas; rather than blabbing with apology in the end.
what do we get? nothing

Mid-term exam is comingggg. grrrr! in 1 week.
latest news that we have REPORT CARDS. zomg?!

nex Photography trip is to Orchid Park - Lake Gardens KL. lol..
this Friday.. I sense another round of suntan. swt!

Tomorrow I is off to spend my whole day at Subang until 4. aih...
Morning coffee at Pyramid Starbucks maybe. Noon discussion and Lecture!
*if rajin, read textbk before class :P

Today was working so diligently. I swear my job is my last priority
Boss kept shoving me work as if i had nothing to do.
dunno how am I to last at this job. pfft..

After that met up with Jenabi for the first time. xD
before he heads back to Aussie. &chatted for the whole meet-up
and getting to know very interesting facts. haha

walked around the whole 1Utama.. before end up dinner at New York
New York.. kinda ordinary. why didn't I thought of going mamak -.-
but they had the cooler drink thing like the Apartment during Nuffnang
Sharing Session. hehehe.. :D (no fotos; din bring cam)

Jenabi was terrified by the way I drove he would've failed me if he
was my driving examiner. LOL. coz I sent him back. I'm pro ma!

end of the day- i got to know a new friend. wo0t!
(ya lah okay. i antisocial la. cis)

gotta save some brain cells to think critically tmr.

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