Romeo Juliet save me; I've been feeling so alone...

Been listening to Taylor Swift's Love Story. it's a nice song
and radio have been playing it on and on. :D

and my weekend is as always somewhat dead.. I only vaguely recall
working on a Saturday. and going to Steven's Corner in Tmn OUG
which was freaking far... At night.

plus weird signage in Mid Valley made me drove another round
just to get to Old Klang Road.

Got myself listening to Adele's Chasing Pavements. thanks to Jen
a different kind of music I don usually listen to. but it's nice!

I changed my header! :P
cz I got annoyed with the previous

[Jenabi] left for Tassie already 2day. lol. last person I know leavin'
Malaysia for studies. no more d right? xD

Frederick is enjoying himself in Cow Land= NZ. gah!

Kaka.Hui Ting.Sally- duno la. they MIA in Aussie

Cya guys year end!

Tomorrow heading to Nuffnang's office for coll project interview
managed to prep stuff very last minute. sigh

Other than that..
Trying(very hard) to stay happy. (:
emo is so miserable.


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