hey peeps!

got the hang of updating more frequently.
a good sign that I'm not sending myself back into that depression.

yup. something you don't know
do sign up for consultations with MMHA! (:

Haven't been my miserable self lately. &it's working wonders! o.o
I keep myself occupied.
I try not to think of it.
I am aloof most of the time.

Had the usual consumer behavior and entrepreneurship class..
it was freezing. and i hate the weather.

it rains EVERY day since last weekend -.-
and i start staring out at the rain with a heavy heart

tomorrow's Critical Thinking again...
Mid-term exam is next week! argh~

I rarely let my emoness or problems out in the open
haha. I just don't. I gunny sack it. I even bottle it up too. xD

and last Thurs. I spill it out to Reuben in the computer lab. =O
damn. it.just.came.out.. he understood la. rather than just "oh ok."

Sorry to you guys tht been asking & asking what's my friggin problem.

I don't just tell that to friends.. knowing they ask for the sake of asking
and not really wanting to know the real deal.. and so forth

Whoever said that life was fair? when I lived without a care

I emo worse than PMSers. lol. coz it never ends until it consumes me.
so sometimes I kinda know what emo ppl are thinking.

Thanks Sue!

You've been the greatest companion in college. &My college life would
suck without you.. though I ignore you at times... you somewhat...
Kelvin this and Kelvin that.. sorry ler. I dont have a mate to talk abt

I finally completed February's payroll

It is so tedious doing it. except I couldn't solve the salary journal
coz it just won't balance.. gah. it's like accounting d

yey. salary gonna be credited soon. tho not much -.-

so you guys. at the end of reading this.
don't fret. and get over it..