wo0t. done with Midterms.
now off to Orchid Park! =D
&this was 2 Fridays ago... haha..

Photography class had a trip once again this time to Orchid Park
somewhere near Lake Gardens KL

I drove there for the very first time. after researching on roads to take
using Google Maps. xD it wuz kinda useful

Since Jenabi stayed nearby.. decided to get him to tag along..
and also I needed a companion :P

lessen awkwardness. the class was a weird group to click with
so i'm somewhat aloof.

Orchids was everywhere different types.. species and whatnots.
I kinda enjoy taking photos of greenery like these. lol

I like Zoo too! Particularly Singapore's Zoo. x3
looking forward to year-end!

Orchids sold there are even nicer than the ones around the park.
shocking fact. xDD
but kenod take photo. 1photo=RM1 :P

Wann more orchids ppl?!

sometimes using a digicam is difficult to take nice photos..
teacher always say- go get a dSLR! =.=

and mine only works at its best in good lighting..

Choose a color! :D


After that. had lunch with Jen.. right after checking in at BB
went to Pavilion. cz going there has this nice feeling. haha

I haven't given much thought about where to go
bad enuf if I were to decide where to eat. hahha
anyway lesson learnt :P

Ended up at Carls Jr.
which was fine.. but just below expectation.
Lepak there for quite long... until got nothing to say
then Jen's friends Aaron and Jason came by. nice people

but I flinched and only observed as they speak. lol
maybe too tired from the driving

after that did something etc... and went back for cg at night

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