Emo me was tad shocked by the above news. lol
[News link]

Was at work boss told me about this. the thought of it was kinda scary
Imagine if it's like the final goodbye =O

Well. can't do much even if the asteroid is heading this way anyway.
but Astronomers did calculate that it would miss Earth. lol

It could've put an end to our worries of the economy and emoness.
Sue would think I is gila. LOL

Like those tags ppl would do- What if you had only 5 minutes to live.
and then only, ppl would start being thankful for everything...
or end up full of regrets

to be honest- I'm not different from that group of ppl anyway.
but I appreciate everything that crosses my path..

Just the thought.
&no, i'm not 'losing it' yet..

random update la.
I'm thinking of getting HP Mini. still thinking omg

tmr is Critical Thinking! rawr...
after that hangout in sunway pyramid (:
out the whole day sure tired. sigh

okai. ttfn x3