And so I was having Photography class.
so much stuff to catch-up. gah

nex week's class trip to Putrajaya for a Hot-Air Balloon Fiesta..
early morning. as usual- I plan on going alone.
'I work well alone' :P

7 weeks left till end of sem.

the Mentegarians planned an outing that Friday. :D
also since Sasha is back from Vienna. whooo~

The only present members were June.PW.ReubenNg.Thasha and ME
others as usual la- MIA

We can never seem to go out together.. -.-
bound to have ppl who can't make it *shrugs*
hopefully the clubbing plan is gonna happen. lol

Went to sing karaoke. somewhere underground in Sunway Pyramid.
RedBox was fully booked. pffft..
it was okay. juz less song selection. Redbox is better, IMHO

I was feeling BLUE.

June Yin was super emo-er than I was. singing all the lonely ish songs.
*wait a min* it sounded wrong. hahaha..
I even felt sleepy. :P

and I think Avril Lavigne has the best EMO songs. hahaha..
I had fun. =]

At the end. Sad case oni 4 of us.

After that headed off to 1Utama for another meetup
Walk and walked around waiting for them to finish their movie..

They finished late. Had dinner at Zuuup.
Haha. To my surprise- it's a cake!

Thank you guys.
Never thought you'd remember. (Well I know, you knew)
but it was 1 month ago. anyway- better late than never?? (:

Right. No one remembers the little people..
but there I was. throwing surprises year after year
for everyone
except me.. but nvm...

&I wasn't looking to be pleased by anyone
just wished I had... ... ...

We missed cg. coz was late la.. Claire! ish.
not really intentional. hence, we went bowling. xD

and then for mamak at Aman Suria

I cut back on mamak lately. so was kinda eager to have roti x3

I was evil that night coz I refused to drive. feeling angsty too
coz I'd be the one to send some of em back =.=
the devil had input some realization- I was taken for granted~
since I send them back most of the time

Anyway. tmr is a Public holiday! :D
means no need to work. yey

MATTA Fair is nex week! shud I go? hmmm..
plan is to go Kuching.. ^^

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