Had a LONGGGGG day of lecture today.
started off with Consumer Behavior.

Lecturer was discussing on Post Purchase Process.

quite funny how it ended up talking about the sensitive guy
sitting next to me.

since he said comparing Haagen Daz with Baskin Robins
is like comparing Louis Vuitton with Bonia.
LOL. a world of difference

Naturally we think he is sensitive.
the girls were telling me-
oh how nice, if we could 'share our feelings'
with Mr Sensitive.

oh well. nothing wrong bout that. hahaha

I spent my day in a very boring manner.

-> Missed lunch for Creative Thinking meeting <-
-> Entrepreneurship class right after <-

Managed to grab a bite during break while browsing Wall St. & MYC

MYC mag came out with a new edition for March and... I ended up
gossiping about Metrosexual people with June and Sue.lol

I'd kinda agree David Beckham was the start of all these metro stuff.
Too bad Durkheim or other Sociologist never expected that coming.
Even after taking Sociology, concluding this isn't easy.. need research!

Good question to ask if Metrosexual is a Sexual-Preference or Lifestyle?

answer that then you're somewhere but not just there yet. :P

They featured Topman apparel; only 1 out of 3 looked good on that model
hallo! ^^

I'm working tmr. starting to dread it as always
and my colleague e-mailed me saying GOOD!

coz rubbish are piling up my table.
the very reason that I have 2 tables now. xD

The last check. My Year-End holidays are screwed up.
semester ends 5 days before Christmas. -.-

+point: in May.. I have a WHOLE month of holiday
dang what am i gonna do? London, Paris, maybe Tokyo? xD

okai. gtg now..

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