Felt like blogging at an unreasonable hour.

My playlist has been constant - EMO
Haven't switched to other playlists for weeks i think

Photography trip
to Putrajaya is postponed. =.=
and guess what! No notice.

wtf. lucky i know about it earlier. event is oni next week

dem irresponsible.. expect to inform all by word of mouth
like.. what?! do we come to college everyday? o.o

Photography book?

Today I went to my mum's office just to borrow a Photography book
well... wouldn't want to flunk the quiz right.

so READ! D:

Plan tomorrow seems to be- Model Photoshoot.
Location: Duno?!

tulan anod you tell me?

Super bored tonight

Hence, Lilyn has been playing all sorts of MSN Games with me. x3

I'm not going for Nuffnang Bloggers Nite Out =/
thought I could go but no... can't
sad. I kinda like meeting random ppl at events. socialize abit
although I suck at it.. least I gave it a shot?

the last Nuffnang Sharing Session was good (:
get to meet ppl like Jac and others..

Critical Thinking today was uber fun.
maybe coz didn't use much of my brain for the class.. XD

Celestine and Reuben were picking at each other.
Padma expressing her worries about her son.
Cel doesnt wanna tell me his blog add. =.=

Life sucks when its boring.
Sambadi save me.
ooh! MATTA Travel Fair starts tomorrow!

ttfn. x3

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