Tomorrow I'm going for MATTA Travel Fair at PWTC. x3
slipped my mind that Sunday is the last day -.-

desperately need to travel.
need to get outta this place...

don think I'd be away for up to a week
but holiday is a bloody month long

i can imagine counting the rotting days.

The park

Photography was so-so.
unhappy in fact, all of us was at Taman Tun until lecturer said
OH!? It's raining...
Let's go 1Utama la then..

KNNCCB. Waste time. =.=

Then we headed off to 1Utama Rainforest...

kinda lazy to take shots anymore. so here's a few to share. x3

Vicki. the model.

It's her again. yey

Looks like I need to do another round of model photoshoot.
any volunteers?

After that. went for lunchhhh with Vicki and gang?. lol
at Kluang Station. ordinary kopitiam food. I'd prefer Uncle Lims
we and chat.

Hmm. I was aloof as usual..

Then went shopping with them. xD
simply coz I had nothing to do that afternoon. gah
I saw something in Seed that prompted me to buy. but hmmm..
the discount is kinda insignificant.. so didn't 'yet'

YiNky caught me by surprise... doing window shopping! =O
haha. sadly without her kawan, Hui Ting

Went to Souled Out for dinner today.
my very first time.
not too bad. I don't mind going again (:

Didn't quite regret skipping out on Bloggers Nite Out. Haha.
Souled Out was just as good. xD

Anyway, it was my cousin's
12As SPM celebration, her and
my mum's birthday dinner too. it was fun.

okai. tmr gotta up early.
ttfn. x3

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