I'm back!! xD

Busy as I am always. except college. but other stuff. :P
Couldn't find any reason to blog for the past few days.
so empty it is.

Still finalizing my trip. deciding to stop over London or not
"London bridge is falling down.. falling down.."

Had an option to go Aussie but noooo... =.=


I was in Putrajaya last Friday for Photography. Heheheh.. -.-
not fun. coz it was bloody hot. and it oni had 1 hot air balloon

Oni 1 balloon ka?

That was the ONE and only balloon in sight. and it was tied to a truck
and a tree
for it to float up and down. LOL

It cost 10bux per person to get on the balloon. but tix were sold out
gotta queue from 7 am to get tix. Kids would enjoy it pretty much
I think.


there were plenty more other balloons if we're there earlier or
stayed till evening i heard.

Went touring around Putrajaya.
the lake and the bridge... like a bunch of tourist. lol

and it was freaking HOT. I just had to emphasize that. x3
coz it was almost noon

posing bug! poser! xD

Under the bridge

I like under the bridge coz it wuz windy. hahahaha xDD
lepak there for some time.. with Vicki and gang.
before heading lunch.

went to the mosque underneath. opp PM's office.
it sort of reminded me of this...


my last time there was with them! nostalgic :P

ages ago. i know. proves I don't go to Putrajaya very often.
futuristic city is one. with lotsa traffic lights the whole row but
i like it coz it has water coolers everywhere. wooo! xD

Some monument

Climbed all the way to the hilltop. there was this monument or time
capsule thingy i heard... nothing interesting tho.

Putrajaya has nice landscaping. imagine how much it cost to maintain
it all. including it's Government offices. I'm impressed! coz dem nice.
hahah. and its also taxpayers money right? xP

Hilltop view

Okai. end of my trip
and i don wanna come back ever.

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