Today was one of the bad days out of alot of bad days.
anyway. I wasn't in my best of moods to begin with.

it rained super heavy in the morning. -.-
tulan d. Consumer Behavior was okay in fact except I kinda
despise the lecturer. I find him pretentious.
hate ppl like that..

Creative Team had meeting. skipped lunch, again for that

By the time Entrepreneur class. Got worse already.
I felt like crap. coz gotten quite low for quiz.

Felt like jumping off the tower on a pogo stick. *dies*

wish I could just disappear

Let's talk abit on my workies. x3

I is work there. :P
No. I don't wear those uniform la but stock count them every mth
my first organization i worked for that has funny processes..
my first organization i worked for that has NO perks. =.="
seriously, none.

Anyway. the company is really small. (fire all d become small lor)
I'm in control of everyone's salary. except the boss. xD
*evil laughs*
I can deduct their salary too. with good reasons of coz.
*more evil laughs*

The crappy part is checking employee time sheets. tedious.
main stress point. that is as complicated as my A Math -.-

sometimes, I think my life is meant to do other better things than this

Finally booked my flight to London, UK :D
and going over to France too. All during May

Itinerary is confirmed too. can't wait.. so kan cheong
I bought the ticket without any plans on lodging (yet). I is gila right?
Sue Chee is scared for me... muahahaha. chilll...

I told Puteri i'd FB her if I need sambadi to save me. LOL

I need to borrow a camera =/

The day's conclusion:
I need to fcuking study properly
Gotta ace that presentation.
Get less distracted. =.="
Become more socially inactive

okai. ttfn. work tmr. -.-

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