i've been slacking so much lately...

doing what you may ask..
anything and everything but studying or doing assignment
but started a few la.. yet to finish up xD

Photography class was certainly a wake-up call.
with deadlines!!! whole of April.

Critical Thinking assignment and workshop due next week
there you go...

sad sad emo emo

I went to KL after Photography to do my ISIC card
Hung out with June. thanx to Reuben Ng for driving us down

It rained halfway. -.-
caught up with the flood too along Pudu
Malaysia's weather is so crappy

I managed to apply for the card which took barely 5 mins
after filling out the form....


That was fast~

I realized how annoying FB can be with all the nonsense
quizzes populating the homepage -.-

so I sorted my contacts... heheheh

no more quizzes (: although it pops out sometimes...

I'm lazy to layan "notes" anymore. you tag me? I'll just read
if i like it... then i'll do la. x3

okai. gotta go naoz..
waking up early tmr. -.-
and it's a Sunday! =/

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