Been not blogging. MIA.
Should be starting with assignments but lazy.

I is Procrastinator. x3


Anyway. last weekend was MATTA Fair at PWTC
omg it was crowded. (as always)

began asking. what recession uh?! when everyone's looking to go
on a holiday trip. lol

We actually have to pay to go in for the fair. =.="
surprised I am.. coz KL Int Bookfair has never charged admission fee
oh well my first time.

Went thru alot of domestic travel offers. not quite interested except
for Kuching. hmm...

crap! dam hot.

Had to cross over the bridge to the new hall where all the International
destinations were...

Dora the Explorer

Let's go Perth!

Haha. I met Dora the Explorer. though no idea what has that gotta
do with Australia. lol

Sue Chee went to book and paid deposit for a trip to Melb and Sydney
demmm efficient lor. we researched a few travel agents oni.
and straight sign-up! but considered to be reasonable la

the holiday tour to Aussie cost 18K. o.o
zomg. but it was for her family of 4

hmm. was that cheap?

I've never been to Perth nor anywhere on Australia soils...
except Gold Coast. :P

Perhaps one day. one fine day

Right now stil freaking indecisive.
I'm planning to go Paris, France in May this year

*stil in the planning anyway*
oh ya. it shocked a few when they heard i'm going- ALONE
duno whether this is considered backpacking anyway. lol

awesome kan?
go alone. i mean, what could be more exciting!?
except Sue Chee scaring me and discouraging about staying
with strangers. pfft

I need to learn French. -.-

Camho la dei...

Went back in the evening after settling all. wo0t. that was fun.
Post-purchase effect was nil. wtf. hahaha

ok so late d. aihh. got work tmr

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