I felt bad leaving ze blog un-updated -.-

so here's an update... gonna be busy for the next few days
assignment due. pass up Sat and more after tat =/

and am going for Nuffnang's Music Bash at Maison KL
hahah. i get to go thanx to Sue Chee =]

now you see it... now you dont!

heheheh. my probation period ended already :P
is that a good thing? and managed to renew ze license last min

Jesse McCartney Departure:Recharged

J-Mac gets recharged this time. Album due to release in April..
Featuring new songs like Body Language, How Do You Sleep with Ludacris.

freaking awesome I must say :D
he just gets better everytime.

Meh. I don earn enuf

Just prep payslips yestd; stamp and initial :P
talking to foreigners is just stress coz they don get English -.-
and I've always got to settle disputes

Should I go shop? I've yet to use Topman's 20% discount
which is insignificant. and expiring in 3 days.... zzz

I have Critical Thinking class later
got this dude who talks to himself in class.. O.o

hahah. everyone starts to *rolleyes*
kinda weird huh? I'm analyzing his psych/social condition too
interesting findings! try googling: why people talk to themselves

Actually blogging is somewhat "talking to myself/yourselves"
esp when there's no response/comments. seriously lor =.=
i syok sendiri type here... no meh?? T_T

its like WOW~. i'm getting better at this! (talking to myself)

okai. gotta do assignment naoz...

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