wo0t. I had funnnnnnnnn....
Music Bash is one of the better events by Nuffnang

at least- I think it is. :P

I was slightly lost on da way to Maison. =.= no map..
plainly- a road in front of me and nothing but opportunities..
but alas- i found it in the end. (:

ze Holograms!

Joshua and Andrew at the end-right. :P
creative outfit guys. hahaha
in fact, couldn't recognize Drewnity at first

Maxis Broadband is d event sponzer!

mE and Sue Chee; da twin sister :P

I like the fact it wasn't too crowded...
more space to move around. hhaha.. except we didn't have a table


and yeah- Timothy Tiah gave a speech...
notice that he smiles super wide. haha :D

yea.. little did i know... :P
The Holograms were actually DGMB-ians
they sang something I cant remember what. lol
all in all. not bad!

the Girls and Guys
dancing to "Beyonce- Single Ladies"
for an
Armani Belt

Accord. to Zach. the belt was quite nice. hahah..
Hence, his friend, Cookie Donut went up to try his luck to win ze
Armani belt for Zach. xD

wah. such a nice friend!

*nudges Sue Chee to go win a prize for ME nex time*
*wink wink?*

Nuffnang crew performed a song as Nuffnang All Stars and the
Nuffies did the Jai Ho dance :P

Sue Ho is cute. xD
but Sue Chee insist she's hotter. lol

no, I didn't watch Slumdog Millionaire.. so i thought Jai Ho was
something else... LOL

who won?

Bob Marley aka Julian Hopkins won the PS3 home..... hahaha
i'm impressed; Jolene Lai
as Lady Gaga won something again!
heheh. why again?
coz Halloween Party last year she won something. lol!

didn't drink much Heineken. despite the free flow -.-
hence, i was sober enough to go home

didn't take much pictures this time too. =.=
i is dunno many other bloggers. unlike "sambadi"
that's about it.
gotta continue the Cicero & Student case assignment nao.
Cel might bug me for it

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