ouh now got time update~

Cicero's case finally handed-in. at the VERY last minute. tsk. tsk.
yeah... already feeling remorseful now. -.-

My college's computer virus helped alot by deleting my MS Office files
including my assignments... cb virus -.-
lucky i had a back-up in C Drive. which wasn't really updated. tulan

I just got my exam docket.


Surprisingly I got an exam to take on:::
02-05-2020 | Photography

wo0t! 11 more friggin years?
means i can't graduate till Year 2020?

hahaha.. what a joke?
my first time seeing this. lol
er... it is a joke, right? o.o

I can't wait for holidays. It's so so so so near yet so far...
3 more weeks. Trying to think of it; so that it motivates me more
I still have Consumer B, Entrepreneur and Photography assignments.
Due very soon..

Self-reminder:: Thou shalt not procrastinate

let's hope that imprints in my head.

Subject registration starts next week.
June, Short semester. Max is 3

Worst case scenario: I'd only have 1 subject to take -.-
reason being, subjects i need to take = not offered!
or pre-requisite not done or time clashing

How not to feel tensed?

gah. workies tmr.

Death is peaceful; easy..
life is harder.

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