heads up peeps!

1 week till Final Exams. hallelujah!
I can't wait for semester break and yet- I don't know what to do then
but so looking forward to it. wth.

routine holiday rotting

well, before that. as always- MUG!
mugging like hell naoz.. ah well; it's the stupid assignments.
done with that. &I can study. and not in between assignments

tonight heading to McD at SS15 Subang to finish up Entrepreneurship.
video editing and subtitles is gonna be taxing. -.-
Sue Chee and I are camping over there till the next morning.

brilliant ey! :D

btw- KL Intl Bookfair '09 is backk!
will be there this weekend :P
find me if you should.

wokay. gtg continue ze CB assignment

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