okay. fine! I shall update
I'm fcuking problematic these days. my life is troubled.
its going down.. down.. down.. down...

Frankly, I'm not okay.

If I said I'm ok; I probably be lying to you. whoever you are..
uh.. No, I don't need your sympathy. I stand strong, alone.
I'd always like to think that way, face it.

Your kind gesture or words of encouragement may help.

End result: Emo and depressed.
don't you think its better being independent. rather than depending
on someone; and getting disappointed in the end.
Life's too short to be disappointed all the time. I work well alone.

Okay. maybe not all the time- but isn't it better independent?
something achieved on your own effort. somewhere along the lines...
but heck; anyone could end up dying doing an assignment alone

Friends are actually there for you; "when it's convenient for them"
not true? take a closer look.. my point exactly.
and I really wouldn't want to trouble them either.wtf

Gah. I'm just having a hard time in college this semester. =(
FINALS are next week.
Assignments done last minute
Presentation couldn't get any worse
Difficult lecturers

Oh! it's the trojan, not the dog that ate my assignment...

I just wished it would be better.
wished it'll all go away

I know.. it will be over soon

Just as I thought, death is peaceful, easy; life is harder
ttfn. so long and good night!

I should delete this post soon, so contradictory. =.=