Finally done with Finals. My last paper was Critical Thinking.
damn it sure was critical enough. =.=
think i answered moderately. hate some of the ques too.zzz
I deserved more time eh to write longer...


been waiting for it for the past month. &it's starts nao :)

Spring semester was a long but memorable one and also crappy
wat a combination of feelings. and managed to pull it thru. -.-
funny that i'm reminiscing the past. :P horrid past.

All the best to my seniors; last semester for them..
cya at Graduation


Chocolate Bunny! xD

wo0t. I got a choc bunneh from my boss, a belated Easter gift. xD
hahah. coz the boss just came back from Aussie.

It looks so cute, I wouldn't want to eat it. hahahahaa..

Plans for holidays?

Dunno do what. =.=
19 days more ^^
consult. follow-ups
Go out.
Bake cookies? :)

Talking about going out.

I've not been out of my comfort zone for weeks. last was Music Bash
didn't even watch any movies which was unusual. sadness -.-
I wanna watch Angels and Demons

but finally planned for Monday outing to KL :D
gonna try Krispy Kreme at Times SQ too.. hahaha
need to buy stuffs, hopefully at reasonable prices :P

There's a warehouse sale for Zara, Pull and Bear etc at Cineleisure
it was madness. long lines just to get into that bargain corner.
I gave up lah from queuing there today. -.-

someone just had to show off to me what they bought there
and was curious to check it out. gah :P

Swine flu get lost faster can? 19 days more oni

I'm recovering from not okay (:

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