It's me again! :P

Boring times like this that I'll blog unnecessarily at wee hours
of the day. Random stuff.

I just finished reading Eclipse. XD
after soooo long.. Imma slow reader; I don't read fast fast.
Next up is!

Breaking Dawn! :D

Gonna borrow from Claire soon since she has the whole set.
and I'll be done with the whole series.

It's interesting to read about Bella's love story. and yeah- choosing
between Jacob and Edward... was.. er.. insightful? lol
for someone hopeless romantic like me, its somewhere to start off la.

I think.

Lately I've been thinking about alot of things.

since I screwed up my presentations and assignments
i cannot imagine what crap results i'd get =/

seriously i am upset about it. I know, blame me.
but I'm in denial pretending as if it never happened.
i was told not to stress myself. but i can't help it.

ah nvm....

*thinks holiday*
*thinks fun*

gtg. tmr getting up early. gah

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