oh yeahhhh...
ze day out in KL went on to be super fantastic!

enjoyed every moment of it.
with a bunch of good friends. such joy. :D

Photo of the day

Iz us at Forever 21!

Hahah! crazy ppl like us. I is spontaneous. told them to grab a shade
and I snapped away... xD

We did it quick! in case anyone catches us camwhore with their stuff.
&I was surprised Forever 21 sells Men's clothing! :P
deng it looks good. Saw a top I kinda like that looks semi-formal :)

I need more cash; then I shall go back there.
seems that only the Pavilion outlet has Men's clothing. lol-.-

We went for lunch at Sakae Sushi! :)
always have and always will be our spot

me. navin. june. su ling. reuben


Later on we went karaoke at Red Box Plus!
and sang to our hearts content.

3 whole hours. xD
oh well since we paid for it...

Long story short~

After that went to Times SQ to get a dozen of ze Krispy Kreme.
yeahhh. my friends dumped me and went back. @#$@$@#$

I wanted to try it out very much.
coz dont think i'm coming to town anytime soon either.

wooo~ KK!

heh. wth. the hype of Krispy Kreme donuts. :P
it was good la. just hoped they had more flavors. :)
there isn't a long queue either. so worth grabbing lah.

and it tasted like donuts la, what else?

Can't wait for the next trip!
Down to Klang! xD (If it happens la.lol)

who noes. in the meantime, i'm so bored. got nothing to do
but going to work -.-

and reading Breaking Dawn real slowly..

gah. ttfn!

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