argh. I'

and so he canceled the outing with me tmr.
nao i have to think what to do =/

I don get this?

Today i just solved my sad case of superb boredom by going to work takes up majority of the time... before you know it -end-
6 p.m time to go home. lol

heck, i finish my work too fast that I got nothing to do after 3 p.m
=.= what a "great way" to let time pass

I was kinda moody today.
think no prozacs was the cause of it. -.-
and yes, i refuse to see the shrink

Google works wonders! I just googled- cure to boredom.
  • If all else fails, watch videos on YouTube or annoy people.
  • If you choose to annoy people they may not be pleased.
like me. i'm not pleased when someone annoys me at the
wrong time.. :P

I don't really enjoy watching YouTube either.. once in a while la
I kinda want to watch Bromance and Smallville S6 tho..

heh. I'm so doomed. there seem to be no cure for me

What I should be doing is prep my itineraries.
Settle my accommodation...

yahh. procrastinate.
thou have not learnt thee lesson.slap me

not gonna have anything exciting this weekend too.
die.right? and I still have to live through next week =.=

no life.

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