Okay. you people coming back here are about read the same old stuff
that I'm gonna rant. :P

My life

It's bloody boring!
FML. =.=

I'm counting the days i'm leaving HOT Malaysia with my fingers.
so close, yet so far.

its only next week. chill right!
Sue Chee is leaving on Thursday. I is excited too. pffft.
the moment she comes back; I'm leavin' never coming back again~

Let's reminisce some old stuff.

My college family
except for MIA-Mom, Rosh

I've found another doomed case.
first 2 days I've settled it. but the next 2 days I'll end up on the streets
or perhaps tube, bridge?? hope its somewhere I don freeze

sigh. i'm still looking...

Love? o.o

Today was kinda boring. Was at Ikea for ice-cream and headed to
Ikano to buy stuff. Lol. Met up with Andrew to get my Insurance policy.

I felt the need to buy stuff like belt, flip flops etc. but was too lazy
to look around.. I kinda like Heritage1981. looks Topman-ish

but shops aren't on sale anyway. :P

tomorrow back to work!
i'm lazy to be up early -.-


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