Okla okla... update can?! :D

I'm in the midst of packing. oh wait. I haven't started. :P
I feel weird... at one time, I feel excited and then not excited
another time

Superboy asked what had I done for the holidays.. xD
so far I think no one asked before except that fella. LOL
man. that's a good question
someone should've asked that ok

Think I've done nothing so far.
maybe la got something; but i think its so minor that
its nothing lor. :P

pointless to say I know. 2 weeks of holiday down the drain and
I did nothing significant.

College life was uber traumatizing last Spring except Critical Thinking.
sometimes I feel like absconding to London and never come back
hahaha. I wish.

I wonder if it's a good thing to do; since got Influenza A infecting
around here and there...zzz.. after kena quarantine how?!?!?
Pray that I wont kena wokay! :D
Jen sez "obviously" its a good thing. Er.. orite?

Last Wednesday, I was at work; listening to FlyFM on radio
Adam Boy was on air. Lol. colleagues call him the cute guy's voice...
but never seen before.

They think he's cute by listening to him on radio. oh wow? :P
(they failed to google his photo. tsk tsk)

I sent an SMS for Night At The Museum 2 passes
and got 4 of em!! :)

hope it's as good as the first movie..

yey! and Adam called again for my details BUT I forgot to ask
something important!

....when's the movie, what time....??
I oni know its at Cineleisure. sigh

oh great. let's see if they call again -.-

and it's dem late already; gotta work tmr.
sleep is vital. if not, turn into zombie like today


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