Helloooo ppl!

lol. no updates for sometime after this entry. :P
coz no internet.

got also. have to pay. sigh.

+ got problems with SD card. no fotos.
sad. T_T

Anyway. I'm in London! :D
enjoying it quite alot.

I just wish I could put up some photos =/

Spending a night in the airport isn't a very pleasant experience.
sigh. floor was soooo cold. :P

but I actually lay down and really slept abit. :P
and the rest of the time walking around.. hahah

I took the London Underground after getting my 7-day Oyster
practically went up and down the tubes for dunno how many
times.. xD

got lost abit too. dunno where east or west. xD

Pigeons. I tell you. is a bloody bird. noob and no brain
damn annoying; fly damn low weh. think wad they eagle?!?!?
and darn thing is everywhere also got.

they even multiply and stay in the train station -.-

Anyway. had fun going around Big Ben. London Eye. Bucky Palace
Westminster Abbey; the church was damn nice inside...
i went to SOHO and Oxford Street at night. too bad got no kaki
to drink beer at SOHO, my roommate is a Malay. :P

Okai. gtg nao.
times up. 1quid gone T_T

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