Hallo peeps!
I'm in Paris, France nao :)

my 3th day in Paris actually. I took ze train into Paris. not so bad
quite fast... until I realized i'm in a different time zone =.="

Heh. the SD card still isn't working so, juz bear with googled photos :P

I went up Eiffel Tower by the stairs; walked by the River Seine.
it has one of the most spectacular view of town. awesome..

Visited some of the museums.. Musee d'Orsay, Musee Du Lourve..
Arc De Triomphe.. Norte Dame Cathedral..
not bad, not bad at all...

It's a romantic city indeed for any couple.. including er.. not so
straight ones.. the society is very open about it i guess..
&yes, you can see ppl smooching on the streets :P

I kinda like the view of the whole Eiffel Tower lights up every hour
and it was just so nice.. :D

Quite like the city in fact. except for the people here. stupid ones
that can't or won't speak English... damn irritating. French ppl

I got kinda annoyed for the first few days. ish. and got held-up by
the Parisien police for stupid checking reasons. I really thought
they were bogus cops. I'm still doubting it.

now i'm sticking to tourist spots only. darn spoiler..
whattheheck if I get caught again. I look like some immigrant? -.-
not like London, I can walk anywhere- really...

Okai. gtg nao.
tmr heading to Saint Malo for a getaway

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