oh yay! I managed to get the pictures outta the SD card.

anyway. I was emo in the process for the past week after coming
back from London. and still am.

I miss the cold weather. yes, I do. I don't like Malaysia anymore.
It's getting bloody hot to live in. :P

and I had to mourn for sucky results I got.
because of that particular lecturer. I think he has something against
thin people. argh. damn annoyed with him. one of the most sarcastic
and self centered person I've ever met. knncccb fatty

Firstly. Gotta thank Chin Ze Wei for lending me his Canon Ixus 80
for my solo trip to London and Paris :)

Anyway, went to KLIA to board my flight on Thurs.


Oh well. here's about my sad 14 hour flight to London...
My seat was the last last last... to the tail of the airplane
damn uncomfortable. -.-
Think I got the bad seating coz I checked in 30 mins before counter
closes. was shopping duty free and late to board the plane... lol

I think the seat covers look seriously hideous. LOL
the airplane is an Airbus 340-300, heard it was previously used
by Air France too.

Skip.. skip! Arrived in Stansted Airport

Helloooo Londres! (in French)

Went thru the Immigration and stuff. boy, they had loads of questions
to ask. tsk tsk.. I is student coming Lon Don ho-liday
England getting powderful ey.

It was nearly 1 a.m local time. Most ppl arriving were staying over the
airport like me. It was cold like brrr.. wasn't used to it yet.
but took a nap on the floor with luggage. xD

*cricket sound*

Freezing look

ze airport is empty. very quiet until 4 a.m. the first flight off is at 5 a.m.
I did nothing but walk around the airport. shops still closed...
Need to wait till 7 a.m for the coach to Central London.

It was already quite bright at 5 a.m. o.o
sitting outside the terminal.. cold cold!

Big Ben!

London Eye at River Thames

Some of the few things I saw along the way... including Tower of
London! on the way to Victoria Station..

Okay. to be continued
next- strolling along River Thames

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