Okai. after my bus ride to Central London.

went to get my Oyster card. to travel around the tube and stuff
dem alot of ppl at Victoria Station and pigeons. -.-

Card and Oyster pouch

and I'm ready to go...
took some time to get used to the Underground and Mind The Gap!
had to check-in my lodging first. carrying luggage is troublesome.

shiny thing! *snaps*

Got down somewhere Big Ben and River Thames...
the weather was chilly and sunny. would've been better if its colder
I saw London Eye!


but I did not go on the London Eye. :P
think it was kinda a waste of pounds to go on a Ferris wheel..
wouldn't doubt going on it has one of the nicest view...

Memorial for the fallen Air Force

On the bridge. Nice view of River Thames
(click for better picture quality)

Buskers. Their occupation

Blue guy. That blue box below- to collect donations

Big Ben. Not a good shot. It was sunny -.-

After that... I went over to Westmister Abbey.
the Catholic church. It looked so grand.

Main Entrance. There's a fee to go in!

Looks kinda like Notre Dame in Paris

I managed to get into Abbey for free! HAHAHA.
coz they were having some worship service thing. I join la to get in.
LOL. inside was spectacular. but there are tombs everywhere....
including the floor. so, i kinda avoid from stepping on them :P

no photos allowed. but some ignorant ppl were snapping away. -.-

oh, it's me! haha. xD

Soon you'll see loads of camho photos.
the downside of traveling alone.
coz I left the tripod back in Malaysia. =.=" aih. sadness
i forgot about it when I got down from the car

random girl and the Guard

Was passing by the British Prime Minister's office at Downing St.
on my way to.........

Trafalgar Square!

There use to be lotsa pigeons here... but no more! :D
coz feeding those birds are banned. haha

Busy place.

I had no idea where I was going...

I just walk... and walk... LOL
but I think i was somewhere in Oxford Street. :P

Got big shopping malls. only 1 brand.
like Topshop/Topman

expensive. didn't do much shopping

Shocked again. Miss Selfridge has a whole building on its own. O.o
but i kinda like H&M, Next and Uniqlo brands. :)

Nearly curfew.. gotta head back to lodging.
my dinner was er.... sandwich! LOL. cost almost five quids!! convert le?
a triple bacon & egg plus a box of Orange juice. xD

wokay. till next entry...
Buckingham Palace and some Museums

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