I've been neglecting this blog. gah.
lazy to update. too many happenings in my daily life

AND I just had my Accounting II quiz two days ago. it was okay. i think?
well. I don't quite like the subject.. but I'm trying my best! :)

A number of ppl enjoy commenting about my status.
*ignore me, imma nobody*


So I went to Buckingham Palace kinda early in the morning
on an empty stomach to see the Change of Guards.

They do it every single day during the summer.

It's the Palace gates! xD

and so you would've known.. Queen Elizabeth II stays there.
but she doesn't show herself... wonder why? lol

Change of Guard is scheduled at 11 a.m and it was hot like mad
before 10 a.m! I met up with a CouchSurfer to spend the day with.

I didn't get the whole idea of Change of Guards...
lol! i'm such a noob tourist. xD all i can see was guards marching
up and down?

I think I saw Swans flying above me with a loud quacking sound

It looked like this. =P Photo taken at Hyde Park
No touchy! Property of the Queen

Saw this dude in the fountain picking coins. Hahaha!
lucky he ran before getting caught

Oh well. got bored and decided to leave to have lunch.

we went to have Fish and Chips at a joint nearby.. no pics.
but it was good! for 6 quids. portion was big but they have
no chili sauce =.="

Went to British Museum after that...

It's a freaking huge place and it's free! :D

Rosetta Stone. Had no idea what was this.
but it has 3 different languages carved on it

Wonder why they're headless? o.o

sigh. this museum is okay but the one in Paris
- the Lourve is much better

look! it's Cupid.
quik! shoot an arrow at me :)


Spent the rest of the day around Piccadilly Circus area..
and Oxford St.


Another busker!

That's about it.
Still got more on London =/

heh. can't wait till Paris

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