The last thing, I would think of myself is... an open book.

No one(or rarely) actually understood me.
mostly are pretty surfaced stuff; thru daily contact, figure of speech,
body language and thoughts..

Easily amused by those who test their ability to read my mind..
clearly, they hadn't got the slightest idea on what's going-on in my head

one assumption after another... I get tired, really.
but it's interesting being mentally mute.

One of my bestest kawan, a Mentegarian made a remark about me.
something that... I have no comment! :P it was nothing nasty.

but yeah... All I have to say to more future assumptions and attempts
to read my mind or lips.

"Guessing it right is one thing; having it confirmed was another."


Tour Eiffel, Paris

Latest Happenings.

* I got back my Accounting II quiz results. thank God I did fairly well
an 8 over 10. sigh.. could've done better

* Midterms is in 2 weeks. I should be VERY afraid

* Have decided to miss-out on College Prom this year.
knowingly I'll get bored and such... no reason to pursue in something
I know I won't be enjoying.. Despite mental contradictions, I'll be
missing out on a valued human experience such as prom.

I think I can keep up. and no, I've not been to prom before :)

* I really want to buy that air ticket SO BADLY! =/
that feeling of going-away is exhilarating. I wonder if not-coming-back
would result in feeling super duper great?

but the only thing stopping me is- my mum. T_T
or else, with a few clicks... Byebye! :D

Deep down I know that as long as I stay true, it doesn't matter
where I'm running to.. :)

Tomorrow is a movie marathon day.
Free movie screenings at GSC Tropicana City
and then... Transformers 2, 5.00p.m at GSC 1Utama

Watched: Race to Witch Mountain at Tropicana City the other day
not bad la! I like it.


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