Ah. I left my blog to rot and die of inactivity.

Just got over with mid-terms. Was left to die on battlefield
Accounting II was just i-don-know-how-to-describe-hard

Some questions you can look at it and go blank and those are
ones that are not taught in class thoroughly...
I mean. Good for you if you can do it; but it's not about you.
Its me.

#007. why did i ever study in ADP in SEGi college

2 years down the road; I'm having doubts whether I chose the
right course to take. Partly because of the Marketing Lecturer.

Coming back from class everyday just wondering. and disappointed,
depressed, miserable and breaking down feeling helpless..
suicidal. I feeling the need for professional help.

"Blown off course"

Hyde Park!

Lovely place. So much greenery and what a nice place to chill out.
i'd love to sit under a tree and read a book.
(those without squirrels lah :P)

Swans :)

Wanted to pet them....
but they bite so better not xD

Kensington Gardens is next to Hyde Park

Nothing much to see but plenty other greenery and Princess Diana's
memorial fountain and stuff.

Also, Speaker's Corner~

Moving on... went to Notting Hill's Portobello Road Market was a
waste of time. Skip that.

Went to Museum of Natural History and Science Museum
at South Kensington. very near to Royal Albert Hall

Interesting Entrance

it's the Engine!

I played the Sperm game. XD Got a boy. lol

Charles Darwin

I find parts of the museum interesting.. and some not-
at large, think it wasn't worth my time. Spent whole afternoon there.
Could've gone to Windsor Castle. too bad I didn't =/

Went to Regent's Park.

Had a good rest. and fiddling with thoughts.
watching squirrels run around... looked so cute like Bucky

Sipping on Pepsi Raw. it was a nice feeling.
Cooling weather. not so sunny. perfect :D

Spent the rest of the evening at Carnaby Street..
the next day I had to move to another hostel. okay lar.
except I had to stay on the top floor. it was BAD

Till the nex entry!
might just update on Paris; London is getting mundane.

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