Hardy har har.
I've not a clear mind what to write. reluctant to leave blog dead
might as well pen down something of literary worth?

I finally got the courage to tell my mum the other day.
as expected. she wasn't too happy about it.

(let's bring this up at another time)

The evergreen question: Why so emo?
I need eyeliners to start off.

Somebody just asked that, again.
tough luck. there isn't a definite answer. maybe because I refuse to
share the reason why. or perhaps, you're the reason why. :P

Indeed; I wasn't too happy with myself past days or weeks
clearly i didn't want to talk to anyone. unless really of utmost urgency
to talk you then I shall do so. nothing personal. it's me

Thinking on and on.. My life meant little to me today

Moot point. Accounting II
i wouldn't blame it for causing much misery to me
to think of it, it wasn't the only reason why i'm so emo
...there's still other factors and reasons.

Today as I thought would be D-day
coz we'd be marking our horrible mid-term papers *nightmare*
upset and upset; dragged myself to class. skipping lunch date

I know; so much negativity. -.-
Ended up.. nightmare and misery is dragged till Friday when we'd
actually mark the paper.

Navin: "Eh, how to do the Black Eye Peas lah?"

Navin was such a dear friend to pop out a joke asking to solve
BEP question. LOL. it felt as though I've not laughed for so long
Navin thought BEP was lame. xD

BEP is actually short form of Break Even Point in Acc.
Class ended earlier and we went for McD ice-cream after that. :)

It was a happy day after all.
and i'm hoping the best for Friday.

For all those reasons, I was still breathing.

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