I mustn't let them down now,
mustn't let them see me cry,
cause I'm fine, i'm fine..


I should be labeled- permanently emo.
Je ne comprends pas

I do not comprehend myself sometimes
not to mention other people.

so they make their own assumptions and no, they don't understand
and I, couldn't be bothered anymore..

This dude an acquaintance. We just don't click. We don't tune on the
same wave length nor interest. And I reluctantly agreed to meet.
it's probably a good thing or not..

I came back dem late on a Sunday morning.
a rare occasion. nearly 5 a.m

YY is leaving for U.S in a month's time. and it was her farewell party
I was rather quiet that night. haha. stoned

Henry did all the talking. pfft
Most of us were dressed up for the day at the request of the host. :P

Thanks for smiling at me :D
At the back ppl. Got affair! o.o

Almost all of us.

Think we ate really alot that night.
a few weren't there yet. yean, creamy and kaka.
we did alot of silly stuff like sync moves to Lady Gaga's songs
and a whole lot of random stuff.

Took a group photo + loads of other shots. lol
and chill the whole night.

I stayed back to watch Twilight. xD
though I watched it several times already, i still think its so-so
but the girls wanted to ogle at Edward Cullen..

Whoever thinks Edward is hot?; say Aye!

I do not comprehend, again.

the host was having a sleepover. i crashed their sleepover
and take photos and try to be fascinated.

They don't pillow talk but go online~


I finally left them to sleep in peace
yx said that she can't sleep when I'm staring =X

à bientôt!
I think it's time to (really) start studying too. xD

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