I felt like I was trapped in one of those terrifying nightmares, the one
where you have to run, run till your lungs burst, but you can’t make
your body move fast enough.


I'm so bored. to the core. on a Friday night.

tonight is exceptionally boring.
I've got used to 'live through' Friday nights in the corner of my
room doing something but not today. sigh

Sasha says "
Best Activity on a Friday night ---> SLEEP!"

I can't sleep dammit.
&I wasn't handling alone well. Was constantly IM-ing enuj. xD
talking.gossiping till we had nothing to talk about anymore.

I'm craving for alcohol. It's less exciting being sober

I met up with a few CSers the other day at KL Sentral.
and collect t-shirts from Alex.

Sporty gathering

So I have the "Got Couch?" tee. :)
There's suppose to be a gathering at KLCC Park this Sunday but
just too lazy to drag myself there. (no motivation to go)

Hence, I'll mope around at the crib.


Celestine is being a bitch nowadays I should ignore him.
He has an exceedingly wild imagination. -.-

I've been hooked-on to Taylor Swift songs lately. all about LOVE.
something I don't comprehend at this point but it's awesome!

JMac is still the best. :D

Of all randomness, I finally given in to Peer Pressure today and
did it! I took control. It felt GOOD =]

Thought it would be kinda gay? but nvm.. goodboygonebad
I was enjoying myself - How strange.

My thoughts:

Do you think I’ll ever get better at this? That my heart might someday stop
trying to jump out of my chest whenever I think of you?

I'm in the mood for action. xD

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