I tried to comprehend, through the film of tears blinding me, the surreal fact that
this amazing person was mine. - Bella Cullen


Sudden need to update again. lol

I just vented my frustrations in another entry of the other blog
now i'm just blank. -.-

yep. I do blog somewhere else. but i'd think of it as semi-private..

"It's sad that nobody cares about your personality, as long as
you look good."

What's your opinion?

Let's backdate- My trip to Greenwich, London.

I was staying at a youth Backpacking hostel called Astor Quest.
after luxuriously(not to be taken literally) living in Malaysia Hall...

Out of everything. I just love their breakfast besides the bed :P

Ham. Cheese. Bread. Cereal. woohoo!

My dorm mates who are up early would gather slightly earlier downstairs
to avoid the crowd. and eat all we want..

After that, made my way to Greenwich via the tube and DLR.

It was early. and kinda dead.

I think the township was kinda boring. got nobody. just me on the street -.-
until I got to the famous areas. got more ppl.



Cool place. I've always wanted to visit here :)
as schoolkid (once upon a time), I wondered what was GMT

Prime Meridian of the World
- the reason why time zone exists.

And there I was; in between East, West
"In two places at once." - A Walk to Remember

the Royal Astronomer's House - John Flamsteed

Later on.. went back to Central London.
Visit a couple more places before I leave for France.

St. Paul's Cathedral; nothing spectacular

Flea markets in Camden Town.
nice place to shop

A must visit! Tower Bridge.
I get confused this with London Bridge. zzz..

That building is City Hall.
Chilling there and people watching.hahaa
Lovely weather. =)

Spent the rest of the evening wasting my time at some joint.
but I reckon i enjoyed every moment of it.. =P

Eurostar is waiting.
Au Revoir Londres! xD

It never made sense for you to love me. I always knew that. =/

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