Don't fuck with me when I'm in my CB mood or you'll get slapped. HARD.

well said..

Been hooked on Taylor Swift - You're Not Sorry

it's sounds as though it can tell and elaborate my life story
sad as it is. and i don't fake it.

Anyway. went to watch Ghost of Girlfriends Past late last night

not bad at all..

Movie was not bad actually. but very predictable.
it's another adaptation just like Ghost of Christmas Past
To teach Conner Mead a lesson about ditching girls too often
and.. it's a lesson well learnt.

I think Jennifer Garner isn't very pretty in the movie.

Well, I chose to watch this instead of The Proposal.
cz my movie partner had no preference. xD

Had drinks after movie. Ended up going home nearly 4.00 a.m.
heh. but I was driven around so it was okay. =)
i hope it was done more often. so that I don't have to drive :P

It's already 1st of August~
I still have another 3 weeks of holiday.

YiNky is leaving very soon for U.S; another week+
what should I be feeling? o.o

[Rant Corner]

I'm 'pretty' annoyed lately at some people. At some point, its as
though my feelings have been cheated. It's like some stupid game.
it happened to me not only once, nor twice... but more

Just too bad i'm sensitive about it. I wish I wasn't.
coz I might as well have NO feelings. some cold rock

Say you're sorry? well, you're not.
cause you're going to do it again. over and over and over again.
I trust you less now.

I learnt not to have high hopes.
since I'll end up the same way- disappointed

but I'll pray for a better tomorrow.

I’d lost too much already—would fate take the last few shreds of me left behind?

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