Don't you know I'm never gonna give up til' I find the love.
I'll be searching the whole world over to find my love..
- JMac

sigh. holidays
i'm gonna rant about what I'm doing for holidays. o.o

pretty nothing much.

except I've been watching a couple of movies. download and theatres
and I've never been addicted to dramas;
novel plot twist sort of drama. lol

So, lately I've been religiously watching...

xoxo :)

Merci! Claire for lending me her HDD with Gossip Girl Season 2
downloading using torrent takes forever. -.-

Sex, lies and scandal never take a vacation.

I think Gossip Girl series is more enjoyable compared to Ugly Betty
and Desperate Housewives. for some reason?

And yes, gotta admit the characters dress up well.
a plus 1!

Got kinda shocked Nate Archibald sleeps with older women.
it felt weird. gross kinda weird personally.
but in return, she had 'satisfaction' and he has money?

I like Blair Waldorf except for her teenybopper attitude. lol

I believe Jenny Humphrey is quite a treat too. =D
don't you agree?

Besides all that, I'm working just to pass time

yeah. really working(!!)
and I hadn't bought the pair of shorts I wanted yet.

Watched G.I Joe with some friends today at GSC Tropicana City.
the movie was awesome. quite comparable to Transformers
Channing Tatum and Sienna Miller made a good pair.

Another movie I'm gonna watch next has something to do
with this...
Surfing? xD

Am I not innocent? o.O
I think I am innocent. (very) innocent. lol.

&this post is not emo. =3
maybe I'll get Keith to update next. I'm too lazy

Bye YiNky; I'll miss you too :)

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