wo0t. I'm up late again watching Gossip Girl S2
few more eps till the end of season. &I'm looking for something

it's kinda mind-torturing watching Ep 17.
and yet it has kept me watching anyway...

saddens me that some people are like whores. that sleep around
with no character, little accomplishment. just a pain in the ass.
so much for morality and social values.

what I was referring to is Ms. Carr and Lonely boy
denying having a teacher-student affair and later slept together.
spotted. I pity S.

then again, I thought it's just a drama series.
but I wouldn't doubt it's happening now anyway..

I should take up The Movies subject for Humanities


Went for DiGi Sneak Peek at Laundry Bar, the Curve for the
launch of DiGi Music Unlimited.

I think the offer for Music Unlimited is quite reasonable. (really)
for RM5/month... to download unlimited music to mobile or PC
which is definitely original stuff.

I was worried about the data charges though. but it turned out
to be no charges at all for browsing for music. coz its hell ex

Lucky bunch

They had organized games and best dressed during the event.
and Ren was one of em winners. lol

Food was not bad since it's from Italiannies.

food was good.

for some reason, my heart throbbed. was weird it happened.
coz it hadn't occurred for a long time... sigh

and it's been ages since i joined Nuffnang events again
but it wuz fun.

It's Khai Sim and mE

Sadly disappointed AAR was supposed to appear but didn't
have no idea.. o.o

Katrina and I just sat there waiting for something to happen. LOL
but nothing did. everyone left.

that was it. =D
i like their goodie bag. it has an Original All-American Rejects CD
not bad. and a free DiGi starter pack


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