#1. There's no 'we' in Summer. Only you and me.


And so; Summer vacation is almost over.
time to get into Fall semester and studying.

I don't look forward to it. but I have to.
Ain't Karma a bitch? We know that someone is.

The other day, I went for Korean food in KL with cousins. it's been
a long time.. and I kinda enjoy it. though we had essentially the
same stuff.


Had 2 normal portions and 1 portion spicy.
turned out to be kinda spicy anyway.. plus other add-ons to the pan
enjoyed it alot. felt very much like home-cooked Korean food.

Add-on was udon.. rice and other misc stuff. kimchi

[Rant Corner]

Here's another session of rantings.
Remember how I loathe studying ADP in SEGi college. I still do!
I e-mailed the assistant course co-ordinator requesting for next
semester's timetable with classes attached.

Clearly, they are not self-initiated to get it. and Classes are just next week.

She replied me something like OH! I don't have it. Come check it yourself..
Knowingly class begins at 8.30 a.m; I'd have to rush to the 10th floor
where the faculty is, face the crowd. JUST to find out my class venue.

I'd feel annoyed if class happen to be on the 2nd floor
just so you know. the elevators are more or less screwed up too.

I wonder;
why can't some people think further than just until the tip of their nose.
why are they the ball that has to be kicked to keep them rolling...
worse is when they don't roll. -.-

Photo Op.

Here's a photo of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.
I took this on my first night in France. the camera died. -.-
hence, used my phone.

it looked really nice at night when it's all lit up.

tomorrow's another day